User Profile: GLORYHOLE Gender: Male Age: 39 Location: St. Johns I am a: Man Seeking a Man Date: 11-30-2020, 06:55 PM Positing ID:6469 Last Active: 2 Days ago  

Private safe trusted gloryhole. I am only doing this now with repeat visitors OR super discreet straight(ish) men who just want a good suck and nothing more AND are willing to text from a REAL NUMBER and not a text app. I do not fuck with anyone and ask for the same respect in return! If you are not sure you want to do this? Do not message me until you are . All the info you need is here. I am very real and legit and have been around a while so if I were fake, you would see 50 ads posted about me warning others, but you don't cause I am very good at what i do and provide a safe, real, discreet place for horny studs to go get relief when needed. I will not bother you once you leave and only message me when you need more deepthroat action on a horny cock. I have regular visitors I always make myself available for and keep them well sucked and drained when they need an all about them worship session! I prefer totally anon meaning no talking, no asking to meet or come in, no asking for more then a good suck ( I am not looking for hookups period ) and when you are done draining your load down my hungry throat, zip up and leave without a word! NO- I do not record any of this and I like to keep it very dimly lit so we both enjoy it way more so relax and get a true gloryhole experience. I love to suck and drink every drop your horny cock can feed me and am only interested in straight(ish) guys who might need a discreet totally anon suck from time to time when the lady friends are not doing it! I am very legit, no std's and you must not as well, I am NOT looking for gay men ( if I were i would go on grindr or one of those apps ) , not looking for hookups, and the bigger the better but size is not an issue as long as its a nice horny cock that loves to take a good suck! ( I have enjoyed 4 inch cocks at times better then 10 inch ones, chemistry is real folks even thru a GH ) text works best. 728-0384

p.s: I like to sniff poppers at times when i suck and its totally harmless and a little bottle of liquid you buy from sex shops that makes you a little more horny. If you hear me sniffing somthing, that would be it. It is not illegal and it unleashes my super slut as i like to say so if I do it, hold on for the suck of your life haha

Text me 728-0384 or add me on snap jon_elms

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