Frequently asked questions

First of all, A big thank you to all our regular users. This site was created almost 10 years ago as a side hobby and it has grown into the HOT MESS it is today! ( LOL )

The previous versions were full of issues and errors BUT, this is mostly a FREE platform so investing money into the platform was not easy. After years of frustration, I have decided to upgrade the site one last time to get it to where it needs to be. I have found the most amazing new developer who has taken my ideas and brought them to life. Please bear with me as we work out any kinks over the next few weeks to make this new site the best possible.

Nladult is a no holds barred ADULTS ONLY website that allows users to post adult classified ads offering anything and everything that is adult related. Wheather that be ooking for sex, looking for love, looking for paid sexual services...The list goes on! We allow adults to be adults! You can use all the dirty words you know and love unlike most sites. We have a chat room that will help you connect faster and you can buy premium advertising for you or your business to help get you noticed.

Using this site is a gift and can be revoked at any time if you choose to be an asshole. If you post rude hurtful things about other users, if you harrass other users, if you act like a child and create drama, you will get blocked. Use the site however you see fit but be mature, respectful and ADULT about it!

Anyone is able to join the FREE website and post adult ads or use the chatroom. Simply go the to register page and join using a real email address. Verify your email address and your account is ready to go.

Simply click on POST NEW AD and fill out the form. Make sure to lable your ads correctly. this is very important to make sure your ads appear in the right categories. Be careful to choose the correct city you wish your ad to appear in, the correct category that best suits your ad such as " Reviews" or " man seeking woman" and so on. Make sure you choose if its a FREE ad or a paid ad. Free ads are valid for 60 days in which time you can bump your ad daily to the top of the list. Paid ads are valid for the amount of time you buy and they will appear in the GOLD section on the site.

To buy GOLD ads or banner ads, you will have to pay for these. Instead of having to enter your card details each time or go through paypal, you can simply load your gift card with any amount you wish and any future purchases will be deducted from your gift card balance. If your buy an ad and it costs $10 but you only have $8 in your gift card balance, the site will deduct the $8 and direct you to paypal to make the remaining payment of $2 to complete the purchase.

You can load your gift card with any amount you wish. You can withdraw any funds in your gift card by using the withdraw tab and check all your transactions as well.

You can add pictures AND videos to your ads now. Free ads will allow you to upload 3 pictures with your ad. GOLD ads will allow you to upload as many as you wish. When you select a GOLD AD, you can click the "ADD VIDEO?IMAGES" button and new spaces for each picture and video will appear. Test it yourself, when posting a new ad, select a paid GOLD ad option and click the button and new spaces for pictures and videos will appear. Add as many as you need.

We know that many of you like to make extra money by selling pictures and videos. You can now add premium content that you can sell to other users directly into your ads!! ( Please note, this feature is only available for GOLD paid ads only sorry ) Simply post your ads and select a GOLD package to post a GOLD ad. Click the "ADD SALABLE CONTENT" button at the bottom of the post new ad form and upload pictures and videos you wish to sell. Set the price of these and you can even seel them in package deals by entering an "OVERALL PRICE" that allows the buyer to buy all the premium content at a package rate. So for example: If you upload 5 premium images and charge $2 for each picture, that will be $10 for all of them. If you wish, you can set an overall price and sell as a package. Set the OVERALL PRICE at $7 and the buyer can choose this option and pay $7 and unlock all the content for one flat rate and save a little instead of buying each one at full cost.

Any sales you make are credited to your giftcard right away. 15% from each sale is deducted to cover service fees associated. So if you sell a video for $5 , you will have $4.25 credited to your wallet as $0.75 will be deducted autimatically for the service fee. Any and all monies in your gift card can be withdrawn as long as you have a minimum of $50 in your account. Simply go to your account and the gift card option, select withdraw and enter the amount you wish to withdraw and with 24 hours, it will be sent via email transfer to the email address associated to your account. The password for these email transfers will be NLADULT so you will know it. Please make sure to protect your account and password as we are NOT responsible for someone having access to your account and withdrawing your funds without your permission.

We have filters at the top of the site that will allow you to navigate the site much faster.

- You can use the 'SEARCH HERE' option to look up specific names or services that you are looking for and only ads with those key words in them will be displayed for you.

- You can use the 'SELECT YOUR CHOICE' option to only show ads that pertain to what you are looking for such as ' MAN SEEKING WOMAN' ads only. Make sure you always reset these filters to "select your choice" when done or it will only show ads pertaining to that selected choice.

- Use the 'SELECT YOUR CITY" filter to narrow your location search. If you live in Corner Brook and only want to show ads that are listed in your town, change the location filter to Corner Brook and only ads posted in this location will be displayed. If you want to see all ads posted in the province, Set your choice to ALL NEWFOUNDLAND or whatever province you are in and all ads posted in that province no matter the category, will be displayed.

If you wish to advertise with us using a banner ad, you can do so now much easier. We have 3 different banner ad types. Slider which is the large banner ads that appear at the top of the site. Landscape which are are smaller banner ads taht appear just below the slider and a Square banner ad that will appear on the side of the website. Simply choose the best location for you and lick ADVERTISE WITH US and fill out the easy form and make payment and your banner ad will appear on the site. Currently we only have 7 day plan options available. Please make sure you use the correct size image for the banner ad or they will appear distorted. The sizing is listed in the plan pricing details on the site for each image size.

Yes! You can still BUMP your ads to the top of the list of posted ads. What has changed? We have limited the number of FREE BUMPS that you get daily is all. You all now get 2 FREE bumps daily. This is more then enough for most users but if you are a very active user and wish to bump your ads more often? You can buy unlimited bumps in your account. Simply go to my account, and MY BUMPS section and click upgrade. You have 3 options. Buy unlimited for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days. This will allow you to bump as many ads as you wish as many times a day as you wish. For those not willing to pay for this feature, you have 2 daily FREE bumps so use them wisely and each new day they will be reset.

We updated the chat room to make it much better. First of all, your display name will show as your first and last name so if you wish to edit this, go to your account and click MY PROFILE and click the pencil icon to edit your profile info. Make your first and last name the name you want to appear in the chat room. You can also upload an image that will appear in the chat room next to your name so users can find and identify you easier. You can chat and send images or videos to people in the chat room. Only people currently online will appear in the chatroom. You can set your chat setting to online, or DND ( do not disturb )

To bump your ad to the top of the list of daily ads, simply go to your list of posted ads by clicking 'VIEW POSTED ADS' . Find the ad you wish to bump and next to it will be the word BUMP. Click this and your ad will be moved to the top of the list. You will get 2 FREE bumps each day. If you are more active and wish to have unlimited bumps, go to My account, scroll to the bottom of the list and you will see the bumps section. Click upgrade and choose the upgrade you wish to buy. Make the purchase and you will have umlimited bumps for the time you bought.

We know many of you make money by selling digital content. This is becoming a larger part of the industry each day. We know how important it is to some of you so we added the option to post premium content in GOLD ads and now we have added the option to sell pictures and videos in the chat room as well.

Now, when you are using the chat room, if you send a picture or video to another user you have the option to place a caption and a price on it. This will lock the image or video and the person you sent it to can only access/view it if they pay the price you set on it first.

If you do not set a caption or price, the picture or video will be sent free for them to access/view. This feature only works IF you set a price and caption first. You can still send your content for free just remember to not set a caption or price is all...Simple!! For all sales, there willbe 15% educted automatically to cover the service fees etc. So if you sell a picture for $1, $0.85 will be deposited into your account as the service fee will be autimatically deducted. Please price accordingly.

Please note: We can not be responsible for what is sold or purchased. We suggest only buying from trusted individuals ONLY!! If anyone is found to be abusing the system, they will be blocked and all monies they have earned will be lost.

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