Frequently asked questions

First of all, A big thank you to all our regular users. This site was created almost 10 years ago as a side hobby and it has grown into the HOT MESS it is today! ( LOL )

The previous versions were full of issues and errors BUT, this is mostly a FREE platform so investing money into the platform was not easy. After years of frustration, I have decided to upgrade the site one last time to get it to where it needs to be. I have found the most amazing new developer who has taken my ideas and brought them to life. Please bear with me as we work out any kinks over the next few weeks to make this new site the best possible.

-POSTING ADS: The main purpose of this site is adult classifieds. You can register an account and once its verified by the admin, you can post FREE or GOLD ads. Gold ads are paid ads and Free are ones that appear below the GOLD ads and cost nothing. To post a free or gold ad, click POST NEW AD and fill out the form. Make sure to post in the correct category so users can find your ads easier. If you are a man looking for a woman, selct that category. If you are a female escort, select that category etc. Free ads you can post 3 pics/videos and gold ads can post unlimited number of pics/vids ( to add more in gold plan simply click the ADD VIDEO/IMAGE box and a new slot will open each time )

-EXPIRED ADS: Ads are valid for 60 days for FREE ads and either 7, 14 or 30 days for GOLD ads. When they expire, they will NOT show on the site BUT will still show in your account. When expired, they will have " NOT VISIBLE, RENEW " next to it. This is so you can either upgrade / renew the ad by upgrading to a gold ad OR simply copy and paste the content into a new free ad. We can NOT renew an expired free or gold ad to a free ad BUT you can contact the admin using the contact admin page and provide the posting ID for the ad, and we can extend the date of the FREE ad so it will not be expired. We set the time limit on FREE ads to expire after 60 days so that the site is not full of old unused ads from abandoned accounts etc but we leave them in your account in case you want to see what you posted and make a new one using the same info etc.

- VIEWING ADS: To view the ads, click on any ad title OR picture to open the ad. When done viewing the ad, click view more ads link at the bottom, the back button OR click the large NLADULT logo at the top which will take you back to the main home page!

- VERIFICATION PROCESS/BLUE CHECKMARK: As many know, sites like this are hit by scammers all the time. Can be here, kijiji, or any free open-source site like this, it happens. We have added a verification process where users who want to be taken more serious by the site and other users, can get verified. This will let the site know you are real and show other users you are safe(er) then non verified users. Until you are verified by the site, you will see the VERIFY option when you click ACCOUNT and will NOT have a blue check mark next to ads you post etc. Click the VERIFY link in your account option and you will see a verification code and a space for you to upload a picture. To get verified, you will need to upload a facepic of yourself holding a piece of paper with the verification code marked on it. ONLY then will your account be verified. Once verified, your ads and name in chat and your profile will have a blue check mark letting users know you did this step. ***PLEASE NOTE, JUST BECAUE A USER IS VERIFIED DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE A GOOD PERSON STILL. YOU CAN UPLOAD A FACEPIC HOLDING A PIECE OF PAPER AND STILL COULD BE A SCAMMER SO BE WEARY. THIS ONLY PROVES THEY ARE REAL AND NOT A BOT ETC.

-AVAILABILITY: Most users are NOT online all the time of course and are also NOT available 24/7 as some of you would like or expect. Just because they have an ad posted, DOES NOT mean they are available. We added a feature you can control to show when you are available and when you are not. To use this, you can access it right on your ad itself by clicking CHANGE STATUS , or go to your user menu and click the AVAILIBILITY link and you can change it from available to not available. If you are AVAILABLE, check the box that says available and this will show the word AVAILABLE on your posted ads. If you are NOT available and won't be for some time, do NOT check this box and instead, enter when you will be available in the time section. You can enter in minutes, hours or days. So lets say you will not be available for 45 minutes, simply enter 45 in the minutes section! If you are not going to be available for 6 hours, enter 6 in the hours section, If you are not going to be available for 3 days, enter 3 in the days section. After the selected time is up, it will automatically switch back to available. If you come back or are available before the selected time you entered, simply go to this feature and check the AVAILABLE check box to change it back to available. This is a great feature for service providers etc. It allows you to show users when you are and are not available and stops them from thinking you are ignoring them or are not professional. I see guys post all the time saying, "I messaged her or him and got no reply so she must be fake" when all it simply means is that you are not available even IF you got your ad posted.

- Giftcard: We added the giftcard so you can upload money on it to make payments easier such as buy ads, send tips, follow profiles etc. To upload, simply click on GIFT CARD at the top and enter the amount you wish to add in the TOP UP section. You will be taken to the payment processor and once payment is complete, that amount will be on your giftcard to use however you like.

- Withdraw funds: Any funds you earn from selling pics/vids, from tips or doing live shows you can withdraw and the funds will be sent to you via email transfer. To withdraw funds ( if using a phone ) CLick the ACCOUNT link at the top and then click MENU ( the one with the red arrow pointing down) and this will open your user menu. The first section in this menu is your BALANCE and you can see account transactions OR select withdraw and enter the amount you wish to withdraw ( Please enter the amount in whole numbers only meaning no decimals or dollar signs. even if you have $12.50 in your account, you can only withdraw $12 so only enter 12 and not 12.50 ) The admin will get an alert and will process your withdraw request starting 11AM the following day.

- TOP MENU LINK: There are 2 different menu links on the site if using mobile ( cell phone ) At the very top right hand corner of the site on your phone, you will see the word MENU with 3 horizontal lines next to it. This is your home page menu where you can select different categories of ads to view, post new ads, view your posted ads, log out, contact admin, view forum, view other available profiles etc. This is different then your USER ACCOUNT MENU ( EXPLAINED BELOW )

- USER ACCOUNT MENU: Your user account menu is where you can control your whole account. If using a phone as most do, click ACCOUNT and then click the red menu link with the red arrow pointing down. This will open a full menu where you can do things such as, withdraw funds, see your transaction history, change your password, view your followers/who you are following, see users you have blocked, Delete your account, change your availibility, view/post ads, view/buy banner ads, or upgrade your bumps!

- Website filters at the top: At the top of the site you will see search boxes/drop boxes that say, " SEARCH HERE" , "SELECT YOUR CHOICE" AND one showing the location you chose. You can enter keywords in the SEARCH HERE box to look up certain things such as ANAL or BBBJ and all ads showing those terms will be displayed for you. This helps find what you are looking for faster. The " SELECT YOUR CHOICE HERE" BOX, can be used to show certain types of ads only such as " women seeking men" ads only or "men seeking men " ads only... If you only want a certain type or category of ads to show, select your choice from this box and only those ads will show. To end this search, simply change it back to SELECT YOUR CHOICE HERE and it will show ALL ads again. The Location box is where you can switch from one provice OR city to the next. If you are in Gander and want to only see ads posted from GANDER, change the location to GANDER and only ads from there will show and so on. Each porvince has an ALL location so to see all ads, select the "ALL NEWFOUNDLAND" OR ALL NOVA SCOTIA" etc option again.

-BUMPS: Bumps are how you move your ad to the top of the list. Each account gets 2 FREE bumps each day ( each 24 hour period ) so if you used your 2 free bumps at 9pm , they will not be active again til 9Pm the next day so its not renewed exactly at 12am each day rather 24 hours from when you used them last. You can buy UNLIMITED bumps which will allow you to use the bumping feature as many times as you like by buying unlimited bumps from the user menu or when prompted to if you are out of free bumps. It costs $7 for 7 days, $10 for 14 days or $15 for 30 days of unlimited bumps and you can pay using your giftcard balance OR through the payment processor.

-AUTOBUMP: We added an autobump feature where you can buy a bump plan that includes an autobump plan. This plan will allow you to select one of your ads that will be autobumped automatically and the best part is, you set the time. So lets say you wanted your ad buped to the top every 12 minutes, you can set it to do that! Check the 'AUTOBUMP' box on the ad you wish to have autobumped and it will be bumped to the top of the list for you by the site. To buy this plan, go to your user menu and go to the my bumps section and buy the plan you want. )

- PROFILES: To access your profile, click the little red circle on the RIGHT SIDE of the site with the man/woman icon inside it and this will open your profile. Every account has a profile wheather you use it or not. I suggest every serious account utilizes your profile to help others find you on the site. You can make your profile just like a facebook profile and upload a profile pic, cover photo, add a bio about yourself so users know a little more about you, add service you like or offer, rates if you charge, schedule if you are a service provider, etc. Other users will have to FOLLOW you to see all this info and you can see who is following you in the user menu i mentioned above. You can set your profile to either a FREE or PAID profile. If its a FREE profile, users can follow you for free and if its paid, users will have to pay the amount you choose to charge to follow you. On the profiles, you can click CONTACT to send the user a direct email or Click SEND TIP if you wanted to send them a small token of your affection in the means if some money. If you send them a tip, they will get an email letting them know you sent them a tip and how much and it will appear in their giftcard balance and this is a great option to help protect you from scammers. I suggest NEVER sending email transfer to anyone you do not know and if you pay using this option, alert me right away and if you do not get what you padi for, i can not allow them to withdraw the funds and refund it back to your account. If you click CONTACT on thier profile, you will be able to send them a message which will go directly to thier email address they registered with.

- FOLLOWERS: Followers are very important on this site if you use your profile. The more followers the better. Nladult is now a small business for anyone IF taken serious. If you wanted to sell content, services etc, followers are those people that will be your own personal little market to advertise those services to. You can now sell any type of services on this site and build a following to market it to. On your profile, is a link ending in your user name that you can send out to your snapchat/facebook/twitter/insta users etc for them to click and follow your profile on nladult. ( example: ) You will be able to see your followers and how many you have by clicking the INFO section on your profile. Here you will see the links, " FOLLOWERS" & " FOLLOWING " Click Followers to see a full list of accounts that are following you. You can click "VIEW PROFILE" to see thier profile and follow back if interested. Click " FOLLOWING " and this will show you a full list of all the accounts you are following. ( please note: on this page you will see the auto renewal option. This is for any paid profiles you are following. Click TURN ON and you will be charged monthly to keep following the paid profile you select and the charge will be deducted from your giftcard balance so there will be no interuption in your following ) )

-HOW TO FOLLOW PROFILES: When viewing a persons ad, you will see a link that says ' VISIT PROFILE ' CLick this and you will be taken to the users profile. Some will be filled out and some will not. You will be able to click INFO and see what info they have updated about themselves if any. This can include their city, age, bio, gender, how many posts they have uploaded ( meaning status updates, pics, videos etc) You will also be able to click ' ADS ' and see all the ads that user have posted to the site making it easier to see all the different ads they have. If you want to see the posts they have uploaded or services they offer or rates, you will have to click " FOLLOW " first. If its a FREE profile anyone can follow and if its a PAID profile, you will be prompted to pay the fee first.

At the top of the site, you will see circles with images inside. These are available profiles you can click and follow if interested. Click the circle with VIEW MORE in it and you will be taken to a full page of 50 available profiles you can view and follow. ( Refresh the page to update the list of profiles to show 50 new ones )

- FREE vs PAID profiles: As mentioned above, we added an ONLYFANS type feature to the profiles. Your profile is set to a FREE profile as default and that means, anyone that clicks follow, will be able to view what is on your profile. Anytime you upload status updates, pictures/videos etc they will be able to see this. IF you choose to set it as a PAID profile, users will have to pay to follow your profile for 30 days. You can charge whatever you wish and this can be changed in your profile settings option when you click EDIT PROFILE. The price they pay will give them access for 30 DAYS only and they will be prompted to pay again once that time is up to stay as a follower or else they will be removed from your follower list. In FREE profiles, you can post free content as well such as free pics/vids, status updates etc OR you can make pics/videos premium meaning users can see they are there BUT will not be able to see the picture or video unless they pay the price you set. In PAID profiles, you CAN NOT set premium content and anything you upload, your followers will see totally without paying extra. ANything you earn from your profiles or content sales will be added to your giftcard ( minus 15% for service fees ) and you can withdraw whenever you like.

- ONLYFANS FEATURE OR PAID PROFILE: Many of you know about ONLYFANS and how popular it is. We added the same features to NLADULT. Here are the benefits and how to use it.

To use this feature, it is best used by having a paid profile instead of a free one. Go to your PROFILE and select EDIT PROFILE. Select PROFILE SETTINGS and you can then choose between a paid or free profile option. Select PAID PROFILE and enter how much you want to charge each month for your followers to follow you. Thats it. Click submit and your profile is now a paid one where if a user wants to follow you and see everything you upload, they will have to pay the fee first and they will have access for 30 days! After 30 days are up, they will be asked to pay again or will be removed from your following. ( They can turn on autopay on your profile in thier profile under the FOLLOWING link and clicking TURN ON under the autopay section so there is no interuption ) Users will be expecting daily updates with new pictures and videos or as often as you can so make sure you keep your profile up to date with new content to keep them happy and wanting to keep paying that monthly fee. This is a real business for many so treat it as such and keep those coins coming in monthly.

To add new content such as pics/videos, on your profile click ADD POST and upload the content you want.

Click Edit post next to any posts on your profile such as status updates, pics/vids etc to make edits ( you can not edit the posts sharing that you posted a new ad as these are automated from the site and not you ) You can delete them if not needed or wanted and you can bump them to the top of your profile OR your followers timeline list by clicking bump ( you can use your 2 free daily bumps or buy unlimited to bump as much as you wanted )

The benefits of using NLADULT instead of or as well as using onlyfans is you have a built in marketing platform to sell to. Post ads in the main page advertising your profile. Use your profile link which is the URL in your info section ( click INFO on your profile and copy the URL link. This is a direct link to your profile ) on your profile to share to users on other sites or social media outlets AND one of the best features is that we offer daily payouts. If you make money on OF you have to wait 30 days to get access to it where as we offer daily payouts which most times are instant. I get a notice right away and MOST times can send your money to you thru email transfer within minutes of your selecting withdraw.

- CAN I HAVE BOTH A PAID AND A FREE PROFILE: The answer is Yes but you will have to have 2 seperate accounts on the site. Register a new email address and make a new profile and on your profile, enter the second email address for the PAID profile in the section that says " Secondary Email: (This will be used to show your second paid/free profile details on this account) "

- TIMELINE: We added a timeline section to the site and this is similar to your facebook timeline if you use facebook. This is basically a section where anyone you follow, thier activity will appear in your timeline for you to see. For example: if a person you are following uploads a new picture or video or posts a new ad, it will appear in your timeline. If they update their status, you will see it in your timeline. If they start a liveshow, you will see a notice for it in your timeline.

Simply click the TIMELINE link a the top of the site and scroll back through all the updates of your followers.

ADD POST: In your profiles, there is a link thats says "ADD POST" this is how you can upload pics/videos or add a status update etc to your profile that will appear in your FOLLOWERS timeline AND on your profile. Simply click ADD POST in your profile, and 1.) enter a caption or status update ( meaning a title for the image/video or whatever you want to say ) , 2.) If you are making a status update ONLY with no image/video, do NOT check the box that says "HAS IMAGE/VIDEO" this will then post the written status only with no pic/video attached. IF you want to add a pic/video, simply check this box and a slot to upload your image/video will appear. Simply attach the content you want to upload. FOR FREE PROFILE ONLY, you can then choose to make it a premium/paid post meaning, you can charge your followers to see this post. This basically means your followers will NOT be able to see the content you upload unless they pay the price you set first. To make it premium/paid, simply check this box and enter the amoutn you want to charge in numbers only ( meaning no decimals or dollar signs etc ) and thats it. You can then decide to allow users to comment on this post OR NOT by checking the "enable commenting" check box and doing this will allow your followers to post comments under the posts.

- VIP SECTION: So we added the VIP section for a few reasons but mainly so that new users and nervous users will have a section to go to and see a list of real service providers they can contact. As you all know, not everyone on this site is trustworthy or who they claim to be and we do our best to weed through these people but its hard at times. In the VIP section, only those who pay to access this section can see the ads, and all the ladies posted in there are real and known to be safe and trustworthy. We charge a fee for this section to keep out the fakes and timewasters as they would never pay to access anything . If you are a new user or someone who is not sure who you can trust, access this section and stick with the list of 20+ ladies int here only and you should be safer then falling for the possible scammers in the free ad section. ONLY ladies we select will be displayed in there and these ladies are well known and verified by the site. As a VIP member, you also get 5% cashback on any purchases you make on the site so if you buy spend $100 on the site you will get $5 back as a vip member so its can pay for itself.

-CHATROOM: We added a chatroom and made a dedicated window for it for mobile users so click the red circle with the envelope in it to open the chatroom. This is where you can chat to other users who are online or in your contact list. The red dots next to messages means they are UNREAD messages. People who you have spoken to before or those onine now will appear in the chat list. Those users not online will not appear in the chat list. The blue check marks next to users names in the chat list means they have done the verification process of uploading a facepic holding a piece of paper with the verification code marked on it showing that they are a real person. To BLOCK a person you do not wish to chat to or receive message from, simple click their name in the chat lsit and click BLOCK USER and they will not be able to chat with you or access your profile. There is an option that says " GO DND" this means DO NOT DISTURB and if you click this, you will appear offline to other users. There is a BELL icon in the chatwindow as well and if you click this, you will not hear chat notifications when you get a new message, if you do NOT mute this, you will hear a little notification when you get a new mesage.

- BLOCKING A USER: You can block users from messaging you in the chat room or from viewing your profile through the chatroom. To block a user, open the chat roon and search or find thier name in the list and click thier name and click BLOCK USER and this will not allow them to message you OR view your profile. You can see the users you have blocked by going to your user menu mentioned above and click BLOCKED USERS and here you can see who you blocked and unblock users as well.

- ADD SALEABLE CONTENT IN ADS: You can add pics/vids you can sell in your ads IF you are a verified users ( did the verification process ) OR have a gold ad. To do this, post an ad or edit a posted one and at the bottom of the post ad form, click ADD SALEABLE CONTENT and a slot will open for you to upload the content. Each time you click ADD SALEABLE CONTENT, a new slot will appear so if you wanted to add 5 videos, click it 5 times. Remember, only price them in numbers only meaning no decimals or dollar signs etc. They will then appear in your ads as blocked out content that users can pay to unlock. A PREMIUM CONTENT banner will be added to your ads showing that they contain saleable content in the list of ads as well.

- BUYING CONTENT/VIEWING YOUR GALLERY: You can uy pics and videos on NLADULT and when you do, they will be unlocked but will also be stored inyour online gallery for you to view whenever you wanted. To view your gallery, go to your user menu mentioned above, ( if on mobile ) click account and then click the red menu link with the red arrow pointing down. There you will see the GALLERY link. Click this and it will open your saved gallery where all the pics and videos you paid for will be stored for you.

- LIVESTREAMING/DOING 1-1 SHOWS: You can now do live shows on the site. Go to your gallery and click the START LIVESTEREAM box on your profile and fill out the form. Most are optional but you must enter a streamname ( anything will do such as MY SHOW ). You can do a FREE show or a paid show. It is set as a free show as default by keeping the price set to "0" or if you wish to do a paid show, set the price to a number higher that you wish to charge ( again, number form only so if you want to charge a doorfee of $10, simply enter 10 as the cost ) If you want to only allow certain people to watch your show, enter a password on the show ( anything you like ) and only give the password to those you want to watch. They will be asked for the password when trying to access and only those who enter the password correctly will be able to watch. You can enter a tip goal, meaning if you wanted to make $100 in tips before you do a certain thing such as get naked, enter that amount as your tip goal and then enter the description of the goal being GET NAKED. You can uplaod a picture and this will be the image that appears in your followers timeline showing that you are online. Remember, during a livestream, users can see you but you can NOT see them. There is a chat box where your viewers can chat to you but they can see and hear you so you can just answer them live.

To do a 1-1 show, meaning only you and ONE ( 1 ) other person, fill out the manditory sections of the form and select the user you wish to do the show with from the drop down box. ONLY people you follow will appear in this list. Start the show and the user will get a notification on their screen letting them know you wish to go live 1-1 with them and they can accept or deny the request. If they accept, you both will be able to see and hear each other meaning 1-1 show. Again, this can be a FREE or PAID show by keeping the price at '0' or entering the price you wish to charge.

Nladult is a no holds barred ADULTS ONLY website that allows users to post adult classified ads offering anything and everything that is adult related. Wheather that be ooking for sex, looking for love, looking for paid sexual services...The list goes on! We allow adults to be adults! You can use all the dirty words you know and love unlike most sites. We have a chat room that will help you connect faster and you can buy premium advertising for you or your business to help get you noticed.

Using this site is a gift and can be revoked at any time if you choose to be an asshole. If you post rude hurtful things about other users, if you harrass other users, if you act like a child and create drama, you will get blocked. NLADULT is made specifically for Adults, service providers AND clients to work/play in this industry much safer. We do NOT support any criminal activity, no escort agencies, or scammers who rob and steal from clients. Use the site however you see fit but be mature, respectful and ADULT about it!

Anyone is able to join the FREE website and post adult ads or use the chatroom. Doing so, you accept and take full responsibility for anything you post, upload or sell on this service. Nladult and the owners take no responsibility for your actions. You agree that you are a consenting adult and wish to use this website for entertainment purposes only. To join the fun, Simply go the to register page and join using a real email address. Verify your email address and your account is ready to go.

Simply click on POST NEW AD and fill out the form. Make sure to lable your ads correctly. this is very important to make sure your ads appear in the right categories. Be careful to choose the correct city you wish your ad to appear in, the correct category that best suits your ad such as " Reviews" or " man seeking woman" and so on. Make sure you choose if its a FREE ad or a paid ad. Free ads are valid for 60 days in which time you can bump your ad daily to the top of the list. Paid ads are valid for the amount of time you buy and they will appear in the GOLD section on the site.

To use NLADULT, it is totally FREE and always will be. You can post 1 Free ad every hour and you get 2 Free bumps a day. Some users like to stand out so to help pay for the hosting fees for this site we all you To buy GOLD ads or banner ads and to do so you will have to pay for these. Instead of having to enter your card details each time or go through paypal, you can simply load your gift card with any amount you wish and any future purchases will be deducted from your gift card balance. If you buy an ad and it costs $10 but you only have $8 in your gift card balance, the site will deduct the $8 and direct you to paypal to make the remaining payment of $2 to complete the purchase.

You can load your gift card with any amount you wish. You can withdraw any funds in your gift card by using the withdraw tab and check all your transactions as well.

You can add pictures AND videos to your ads now. Free ads will allow you to upload 3 pictures with your ad. GOLD ads will allow you to upload as many as you wish. When you select a GOLD AD, you can click the "ADD VIDEO?IMAGES" button and new spaces for each picture and video will appear. Test it yourself, when posting a new ad, select a paid GOLD ad option and click the button and new spaces for pictures and videos will appear. Add as many as you need.

We know that many of you like to make extra money by selling pictures and videos. You can now add premium content that you can sell to other users directly into your ads!! ( Please note, this feature is only available for GOLD paid ads and verified user accounts only sorry ) Simply post your ads and select a GOLD package to post a GOLD ad. Click the "ADD SALABLE CONTENT" button at the bottom of the post new ad form and upload pictures and videos you wish to sell. Set the price of these and you can even seel them in package deals by entering an "OVERALL PRICE" that allows the buyer to buy all the premium content at a package rate. So for example: If you upload 5 premium images and charge $2 for each picture, that will be $10 for all of them. If you wish, you can set an overall price and sell as a package. Set the OVERALL PRICE at $7 and the buyer can choose this option and pay $7 and unlock all the content for one flat rate and save a little instead of buying each one at full cost.

Any sales you make are credited to your giftcard right away. 20% from each sale is deducted to cover service fees associated. So if you sell a video for $5 , you will have $4.25 credited to your wallet as $0.75 will be deducted automatically for the service fee. Any and all monies in your gift card can be withdrawn as long as you have a minimum of $50 in your account. Simply go to your account and the gift card option, select withdraw and enter the amount you wish to withdraw and with 24 hours, it will be sent via email transfer to the email address associated to your account. The password for these email transfers will be NLADULT so you will know it. Please make sure to protect your account and password as we are NOT responsible for someone having access to your account and withdrawing your funds without your permission.

By using this service, you agree that you accept responsibility for anything you post on this website. In the event you post something illegal or that you do not have permission to post, if we are alerted of this we will work fully with authorities to provide your account info so they can fully investigate. Posting illegal content or other peoples content is illegal and you will accept all responsibility for doing so.

We have filters at the top of the site that will allow you to navigate the site much faster.

- You can use the 'SEARCH HERE' option to look up specific names or services that you are looking for and only ads with those key words in them will be displayed for you.

- You can use the 'SELECT YOUR CHOICE' option to only show ads that pertain to what you are looking for such as ' MAN SEEKING WOMAN' ads only. Make sure you always reset these filters to "select your choice" when done or it will only show ads pertaining to that selected choice.

- Use the 'SELECT YOUR CITY" filter to narrow your location search. If you live in Corner Brook and only want to show ads that are listed in your town, change the location filter to Corner Brook and only ads posted in this location will be displayed. If you want to see all ads posted in the province, Set your choice to ALL NEWFOUNDLAND or whatever province you are in and all ads posted in that province no matter the category, will be displayed.

If you wish to advertise with us using a banner ad, you can do so now much easier. We have 3 different banner ad types. Slider which is the large banner ads that appear at the top of the site. Landscape which are are smaller banner ads taht appear just below the slider and a Square banner ad that will appear on the side of the website. Simply choose the best location for you and lick ADVERTISE WITH US and fill out the easy form and make payment and your banner ad will appear on the site. Currently we only have 7 day plan options available. Please make sure you use the correct size image for the banner ad or they will appear distorted. The sizing is listed in the plan pricing details on the site for each image size.

Yes! You can still BUMP your ads to the top of the list of posted ads. What has changed? We have limited the number of FREE BUMPS that you get daily is all. You all now get 2 FREE bumps daily. This is more then enough for most users but if you are a very active user and wish to bump your ads more often? You can buy unlimited bumps in your account. Simply go to my account, and MY BUMPS section and click upgrade. You have 3 options. Buy unlimited for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days. This will allow you to bump as many ads as you wish as many times a day as you wish. For those not willing to pay for this feature, you have 2 daily FREE bumps so use them wisely and each new day they will be reset.

We updated the chat room to make it much better. First of all, your display name will show as your first and last name so if you wish to edit this, go to your account and click MY PROFILE and click the pencil icon to edit your profile info. Make your first and last name the name you want to appear in the chat room. You can also upload an image that will appear in the chat room next to your name so users can find and identify you easier. You can chat and send images or videos to people in the chat room. Only people currently online will appear in the chatroom. You can set your chat setting to online, or DND ( do not disturb )

Any and all users, ( that means you too ) can get VERIFIED ( a blue checkmark ) on this site and that basically means that you uploaded a facepic holding a piece of paper with the provided verification code marked on it showing that YOU ARE A REAL PERSON!! Nothing more! That is all a Blue Checkmark means. This is offered to every single account on this site as in the past, people were posting ads pretending to be someone they are not so I added a verification process to make sure that the person behind the account, was actually a real person first and not a bot, and not some 55 year old man pretending to be a 21 year old girl offering sercives. THATS IT!!! By doing that, that does NOT mean they are a good person and not here to scam some men out of money.

PLEASE use this site are your own risk!! I can not be responsible if you take your business outside the website and you get scammed.

To bump your ad to the top of the list of daily ads, simply go to your list of posted ads by clicking 'VIEW POSTED ADS' . Find the ad you wish to bump and next to it will be the word BUMP. Click this and your ad will be moved to the top of the list. You will get 2 FREE bumps each day. If you are more active and wish to have unlimited bumps, go to My account, scroll to the bottom of the list and you will see the bumps section. Click upgrade and choose the upgrade you wish to buy. Make the purchase and you will have umlimited bumps for the time you bought.

The new profile system is here!! Get yours now! How you might ask? already have one!! You just need to fill it out and have fun!

1) Click "ACCOUNT" link at the top OR click the profile icon on the lower left side next to the chat icon. Both will take you to edit/update your profile.

2) To update your bio, click account at the top or the profile icon on the side and click "EDIT PROFILE" This is where you can change your username, display name, update your bio and add or change yor profile pic, update rates and schedules.

3) To have a FREE or PAID profile, click ACCOUNT and select " PROFILE SETTINGS" Here you can select a FREE or PAID profile. If you select PAID, users will have to pay a fee that you choose to have 30 days access to your profile and all the content. To have a FREE profile, select the FREE option and then anyone can view your profile for free. In the FREE option , you can hide pictures and videos as PREMIUM CONTENT and only those who pay the fee you set will be able to see those posts.

4) To update your rates or schedule, go to ACCOUNT and click the rates or schedule tab and make the changes you want. You can update this at any time you want.

5) To add pictures or videos or other fun posts such as memes, GiFS etc, click the profile icon and click ADD POST! This is like your own perosnal space to add pictures, videos, memes, GIFS, jokes, blog posts, journal posts, tell sexy stories that guys and girls will love to read, basically anything you wish. Click "ADD POST" and enter the caption/description and attach the picture or video or meme or gif etc and click submit. Give it a few seconds to upload and its on your profile. If you have a FREE profile, you can set any post to a premum post by clicking the prmeium post box and adding a price...Thats it! Anyone wanting to see that post will have to pay the fee you set.

6) What about the PREMIUM CONTENT pictures and videos I pay to uncover? How will i access them later? Easy!! They will be saved in your GALLERY on the site for easy access anytime you want to view them. Go to your account and clcik the menu tab with the arrow pointing down ( for mobile users ) and go to the Gallery selection and click this and you will see all your purchased pics and videos saved for you.

7) The profiles help other usrs keep track of each other better. Go to your profile and click where it says 'FOLLOWERS' & ' FOLLOWING' This will show you a list of all the accounts following you or that you are following and a link so you can easily visit thier profile as well. This way you can send the person a direct email, view all their posts, view all the ads the person has posted, se their rates or schedule if that pertains to the user etc. Its great for keeping track of your favorite users better.

8) We also have a TIP option added now too. This way, you can send small tips to your fav users, pay for online services easier and safer, send deposits for bookings, or just send some money to a friend in need ? The possibilities are many with this new feature. If you have money in your giftcard balance, any tips will be deducted from there right away and if you do NOT have funds in your balance, you will be directed to paypal to make payment :) ** 15 % of all transactions will be deducted automatically to help cover service fees, hosting fees, maintenance fees for the site etc.

9) When you follow a user, you will get email notifications letting you know when they make a new post or upload new content so its a great way to keep up with your favorite users.

10) The ittle hearts under a post allows you to like a post to show your love and appreciation to a user :)

I think that is all the info I can give you. The site is going through a lot of changes I know but they are to make the site soooo much better so bare with us and learn to use the new features. They will make finding your adult fun so much easier.

We know many of you make money by selling digital content. This is becoming a larger part of the industry each day. We know how important it is to some of you so we added the option to post premium content in GOLD ads and now we have added the option to sell pictures and videos in the chat room as well.

Now, when you are using the chat room, if you send a picture or video to another user you have the option to place a caption and a price on it. This will lock the image or video and the person you sent it to can only access/view it if they pay the price you set on it first.

If you do not set a caption or price, the picture or video will be sent free for them to access/view. This feature only works IF you set a price and caption first. You can still send your content for free just remember to not set a caption or price is all...Simple!! For all sales, there will be 20% deducted automatically to cover the service fees etc. So if you sell a picture for $1, $0.80 will be deposited into your account as the service fee will be automatically deducted. Please price accordingly.

Please note: We can not be responsible for what is sold or purchased. We suggest only buying from trusted individuals ONLY!! If anyone is found to be abusing the system, they will be blocked and all monies they have earned will be lost.

Acceptance of NLADULT Terms

The TOS, and your agreement to it, incorporates the privacy policy, posting guidelines, copyright policy, reporting policies referenced in this document. Your agreement to all these terms as they appear, or may be updated from time to time, is an absolute condition of your use of the Service.

You understand the service provided by NLADULT contains content on this site is user generated. WE ( NLADULT) provides a forum for informational and entertainment purposes. You understand that the Service provided by Nladult contains content that is user generated. We provide a forum for informational and entertainment purposes. You agree that you are the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside and where the content provided through the Service is accessed, and that you are legally permitted to enter into this agreement and are legally allowed to possess adult and explicit material.

You agree to comply with all applicable laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside. In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable service, you agree to report activity to Nladult that you know to be illegal or that would violate these TOS. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to modify the TOS at any time by providing you with notice of the change. Notice includes but is not restricted to posting a link to the new TOS, posting a new TOS at Nladult, or sending you a link to the amended TOS via contact information you have provided to us. Such change will be effective with respect to your use of the Service after we have given notice of the change. We also reserve the right to modify the price of the Service. Please review the TOS periodically to see whether they have changed. If you do not agree to the changed TOS, do not use the Service. Any use of the Service by you after we provide notice to you constitutes your acceptance of those modifications.

Description of Service

The services provided by Nladult include, but are not limited to, online classified advertisements, live chat, forum, social networking, text messages and email services (collectively, the “Service”). Any new features, platforms, functionalities, services and enhancements offered by Nladult will be considered part of the Service and subject to the TOS.

All users must abide by the TOS. If a user fails to follow any of the guidelines and/or rules of behavior applicable to the Service, Nladult can delete content posted by a user and/or discontinue their ability to use the Service. You are totally responsible for any activity that takes place under your username and password. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your username or password it is your responsibility to notify Nladult immediately. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your password and username.

You must abide by the following to continue using this service:

You must not abuse, defame, harass, stalk, threaten, intimidate, or otherwise violate the legal rights of others.

You agree to not impersonate another person or entity.

You must not upload, post or link to any material that is defamatory, infringing, libelous, obscene, racially or ethnically hateful, objectionable, or unlawful or that promotes or provides instructional information about illegal activities

You are solely responsible for your own communications and User Content (defined below) that you post on the Service. You agree to only use the Service to post and receive communications and User Content that are legal.

You must be an Independent service provider. Any groups or agencies are strictly forbidden. This website is for the owners sole advertising purposes and those who are operating their business as an independent service provider. Any agencies, groups, competing massage studios will be directly banned.

You must not retrieve, store or collect personal information about other users for any unauthorized purpose.


Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy Effective date: July 20th 2019

The Non-Legal Summary The Non-Legal Summary At NLADULT, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us . This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by NLADULT and how it is used. The Official Privacy Policy This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when you use our Service and the choices you have associated with that data. We use your data to provide and improve the Service. By using the Service, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy. Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, accessible from NLADULT. Pics and Video Purchases. The Site may, but is not obligated to, permit users to post Materials that can only be accessed after payment of a specified amount of Virtual Money (“Paid Content”). If you post any Paid Content, you represent and warrant that (i) the Paid Content you post complies in all respects with the terms of this Agreement; and (ii) you have all rights and permissions necessary to post such Paid Content and to permit users to access the same in exchange for payment. We have the absolute right to remove any Paid Content, in whole or in part, for any or no reason at all.

By purchasing or accessing any Paid Content, you thereby demonstrate your express acknowledgement and agreement that (i) the Site is not the creator or source of such Paid Content; (ii) the user posting Paid Content is solely responsible for any claims or liabilities associated with, arising from, or in any way relating to such Paid Content posted by that user; (iii) your purchase or use of any Paid Content is solely at your own risk; (iv) the Site has no responsibility for viewing or screening any Paid Content; and (v) you forever release the Site, its affiliates, successors, assigns, officers, employees, agents, directors, shareholders and attorneys from any and all claims and liabilities associated with, arising from, or in any way relating to Paid Content.

WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AND A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY REGARDING PEDOPHILES, PEDERASTS OR ANY PEDOPHILIC, PEDERASTIC, OR SIMILAR RELATED ACTIVITY. THIS SERVICE IS FOR ADULTS ONLY! We will work closely with local authorities to bring criminal charges if you engage in uploading or sharing any of this types of material.

You represent, warrant and covenant that you are at least 18 years old or the age of majority in your jurisdiction, whichever is older (the “Age of Majority”). The Site and Service are intended for adults only. By using the Site and Service you agree that you have reached the Age of Majority. We reserve the right to terminate your account if we, in our sole and absolute discretion, believe you are in violation of this requirement. We additionally reserve the right to terminate your account and report you to the proper authorities in the event that we suspect, in our sole and absolute discretion, that someone who is not the Age of Majority has used your account.

I hereby agree that I am using this service totally aware that I am responsible for my own actions and expect to act accordingly. NLADULT is a filesharing service that you are using as a mature adult on your own free will. If you need help or are being forced to use this site against your will, please contact us and we will find you help. Changes to this Privacy & Cookies Policy We reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy & Cookies Policy. Changes to this policy will be posted here and will become effective as of the updated effective date. Your continued use of our website or platform will signify your acceptance of these changes.

The admin and the trusted team at NLADULT reserves the right to check at any time without warning on the validity of any digital content you may upload to sell. You must agree that you and you only will appear in any digital content you upload. Failure to do so will result in you being banned from the service. We, NLADULT can delete any content they deem do not follow our code of conduct and rules. We will do random checks to make sure you do not upload and illegal material and if you do, we will forward your account to authorities for investigation.

Welcome to the NLADULT VIP SECTION. This section was designed and created with one purpose in mind. To create a safe space where new hobbyist and users of this site can naviagte this industry safer!

The VIP section is a paid section where you can avoid the nonsense of the FREE main section. As the main section is FREE, the ads can be at times hard to navigate as anyone and everyone can post an ad. This makes new and vunerable users a huge target to scammers who hit sites like these as many new users can be easy targets to scam smaller amounts of money out of through email transfer in promise of a sexual service. When it happens, it usually goes unreported and the scammer continues.

So how will the VIP section help? Simple! You pay a fee to have access to this section and yes, its just like the other section of the site. So what did you pay for? Well all the ads from service providers in this section are 100% real! They either work at the local adult service studios, are people I know personally and can vouch for, are well known local or travelling service providers that have been active for some time now or are willing to go through an extensive verification process that can even include video chat with the admin to prove they are real as well as multiple other verification prosesses.

Unless you are a verifed users of NLADULT, you will NOT be able to post ads in this section either so there will be no ads to sort through. Some of the ads can be similar to ads in the FREE MAIN section of the site but we are encouraging all service providers we ad to take the opportunity to offer exclusive deals and discounts to VIP members to encourage the new and nervous potential customers to take the plunge and book a session now that they can be sure they are dealing with verified escorts.

Commenting will be enabled on the ads in the VIP section so please be nice. This is NOT a review section.You are free to post a review in the correct section or tell others to check out the posted reviews ut leave the comment section for asking questions etc.

Service providers that we verify will be added to the section for FREE. They will need to have a profile and be a verified service provider in the industry. They will then have the ability to post ads in BOTH sections and only VIP service providers will have this ability. They can ost their normal ads in the main section and offer EXCLUSIVE content and specials on services to VIP members only.

NLADULT is a website for entertainment purposes only and encourages you all to use our website as such. Still use your common sense when meeting new people and always take extra precautions when and where you can. We are guaranteeing that these people we showcase are in fact real service providers but we can not guarantee thier service or if you will connect with them.

Many of you earn extra money by doing live streaming shows for clients. We now have added this option to our website as well. Here's all you need to know:

- First, you must be verified to livestream on this platform. Its a simple verification process that proves you are real.

- To start a live stream, go to your PROFILE and at the top where you profile picture is, there is now a big red square that says " Start livestreaming" Simply click this and fill out the simple form and click Submit...Thats it!

- All livestreams are paid livestreams so a minimum of $5 must be charged for anyone to view your livestream. You can set the price to ANYTHING you want as long as its greater then $5.

- 15% will be deducted to cover the cost of the usage of the software. We use a safe secure livestreaming platform that we have to pay to use hence why you have to charge a min of $5 per show. Any money you earn will be added to your giftcard and you can withdraw the funds daily ( withdraws are done starting at 12 each day ) So if you charge $5 for someone to view your liveshow, $0.75 will be deducted for using the system and the $4.25 will be added to your giftcard.

- You can chat with and send tips to the person you are viewing.

- Users that are live will be displayed at the top of the page so keep an eye on the available profiles at the top of the site and if a user if streaming, you will see the word "LIVE" on top of thier picture. Simply click their image and you will be asked to pay the cover fee whatever they set that at to view thier show and once payment is made, you can click the PLAY LIVESTREAM buton and you wil be able to watch and listen to them live. You can leave the livestream at anytime you want and once the livestream is over, the program will close on its own for you.

- You can have a maximum of 50 people viewing you at any given time.

Many are here using this site for fun and entertainment but many are here wondering how this website can help them make money. Here are a few easy ways you can start making money with NLADULT:

- Earn Money with your profile!! All accounts have a profile. They are very easy to use and grow! You can come on here and build followers who will click follow on your profile and its an amazing marketing tool. You can add posts which can be pictures or videos on your profile and you can charge a fee for someone to buy them OR you can charge a fee for people to follow your profile. Similar to websites like ONLYFANS, you can set a price for people to follow you if you wanted. I suggest something small like $5-$10 a month and the trick is, update LOTS of new content! No one wants to pay money and you only update a few pics each week. Take this serious. Spend an hour a day at least taking new pics and vids to upload and keep your followers happy. This is NOT free money and you have to work to earn it just like anything else. If you do NOT charge a monthly fee to follow you, you can still make money by setting your more exciting uploads as premium content where your fans will have to pay to unlock the content if they wish to see it. All money you earn will be added to your gift card that you can withdraw daily. YES, men and women can do this! I have guys ask me all the time if they can do this too and the answer is YES!! Its not just for women. Many guys have onlyfans accounts and make LOOT!!! You can upload videos daily of you jerking off etc that your fans will love so its for BOTH men and women to use to make money!

- Earn money by selling in Chat!! We have made our chat program much better and now it even has a dedicated chat page for the mobile platform making it much easier to use. You can chat to other users on the site and you can sell pictures and videos to them in the chat program. To do this, simply click the paperclip icon on the chat window to upload a pic or video like you would on any chat program. IMPORANT: To charge a fee for the picture or video, simply upload the content, and set a price and comment and once you set a price, the other person will get a notification that you sent them a picture or a video but they must pay the price you set first. You will be notified in chat when they unlock the content and the money will be added to your giftcard. To test it, go to any chat window and upload a picture or video. Set a price and description and you will see that it is hidden on the site unless the other person pays to unlock it. They WILL NOT see it otherwise.

- TIPPING!! You can get tipped by any user for any reason. Use the site to make contacts with other men and women all over Newfoundland and other parts of Canada. We have THOUSANDS of monthly users so there are lots of people to connect with. Get inventive and find ways that other users will tip you on the site. Every little bit adds up and again, you can withdraw your moeny daily.

- LIVESTREAMING!! We now have the livestreaming added and its working great. Still udjusting a few things but will be perfected by this time next week for sure. You can do livestreams and earn money anytime you wanted. You can charge a doorfee that people will have to pay to view your feed or you can do a FREE show and do things for tips as they come in. Youu do NOT have to show your face in livestreams if you don't want to and there is a market for everything. I have seen men and women make large sums of money doing just feet shows or only showing their private parts or fromthe neck down that sort of thing. You do need to be a verified account on NLADULT to livestream which takes only a few minutes.

- UPLOAD PREMIUM CONTENT IN YOUR ADS!! Anyone can post ads but if you take this serious, get your account verified and start selling pictures and videos directly in your ads as premium content. You can do this by posting an ad, at the very bottom is the option to ADD SALEABLE CONTENT! Simply click this button and each time you do, a new slot opens up for you to upload premium content to sell. Set the price in NUMBER ONLY and a description and thats it! Your ad will post and the premium content will be locked/hidden unless a user pays to unlock them. Super simple and easy.

This website is for use by adults only and for entertainment purposes only. You are fully responsible for anything you uplaod to this platform and we will work closely with the authorities if you choose to upload anything illegal.

If you have any questions just ask!

If you wish to delete your account for any reason, simply click " ACCOUNT " then click " USER MENU " ( WHICH IS IN RED TEXT WITH A RED ARROW POINTING DOWN ) then from the menu options, click " DELETE ACCOUNT "

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If you have gift card balance, that will be used to Send Tip

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Send a message to the user.

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