User Profile: Sherry123 Gender: Female Age: 43 Location: St. Johns I am a: Woman Seeking a Man Date: 06-02-2024, 11:13 PM Positing ID:61036 Last Active: 2 Hours ago  

Incall or cardate,outcall available.
East end location.
No bullshit or drama.
Reviews speak for themselves.

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sexybabe 42 Days ago
Beautiful pictures 😘
Niceguy54 41 Days ago
I will have to agree.

sexybabe 40 Days ago
Like I think you look amazing you have the perfect shape body I know everyone like different sizes but I don’t feel Confident in myself because I am a bit of a bigger girl myself but I guess everybody is different some like bigger some like smaller but you look great sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️
Sherry123 40 Days ago
Thank you for the awesome comments us girls got to stick together 😉💋

CJGz 37 Days ago
I def need to book a session with you’re a very sexy MILF
NA 37 Days ago
Maddie, you're too hard on yourself. I have been with large women and slender ones and some in between. When it comes to sexiness and attractiveness, what counts is enthusiasm and generosity and uninhibitedness. And frankly often having extra flesh to play with can be very exciting
Sherry123 36 Days ago
Not a milf anymore...I'm a gilf!!! Come see me anytime 😘
onenutnl 30 Days ago
Golf even better poke a nanny. Lol

Bigbadwolf666 26 Days ago
You are sexy as fuck
Sherry123 10 Days ago
Thank you 💋

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