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2 Items of GREAT news for those who use NLDTCONNECT or for those who buy content.

For those who do not know what NLDTCONNECT is, it's our ONLYFANS clone website. If you are familiar with or use ONLYFANS, then you know what it's all about. If not, its a platform where ANYONE ( even you ) can earn extra income from making and selling adult ( or non adult ) content. You can sell monthly subscriptions, custom content, send and accept tips, do livestreams to earn extra money and more.

FIRST ITEM OF GREAT NEWS: Currently on CONNECT, you have to use your credit card to buy subscriptions, paid messages, unlock posts BUT coming soon, you will be able to load money onto your internal wallet and use those funds to buy paid messages, send tips, make calls, and unlock posts. You will still need to use a credit card to pay for subscriptions which is handled off-site by CCBILL so you are safe doing so.

Why is this good news? For a few reasons in fact.

1) You will no longer need to use your credit card each time you want to unlock a post or a paid message. You can simply add funds to your wallet and use those to make those purchases. This is great for those who do not wish to have so many charges on your credit card.

2) Have you been scammed? We see all too often many people getting scammed buying content. Well this will help you cut down on that. If you wish to buy custom content from someone, tell them to join CONNECT. They simply have to upload ID to prove they are legal age and they can get started almost immediately. Then you and the person agree on the content you want to buy, agree on the price and they send it to you in your direct messages. Load money onto your internal balance and use your available funds to unlock the content and they get paid. This way you know you are dealing with a real person and not someone scamming you out of your hard earned money. If the deal does not go as planned, message me and I can investigate and if you are correct, I can refund your money. MUCH safer than using EMT where you have no way to protect yourself. The creator gets paid and you get your content. PLUS, Your content is safely stored on the site in your PURCHASED GALLERY to view anytime you like. Your purchased gallery is a great space to keep all your content safe and discreet if you can not keep it on your phone or in your email. Simply buy your XXX content on the site, and log in any time you wish to view it for your pleasure.

3) Don't have a credit card? No problem. On select days, We can accept EMT or Paypal and add those funds to your wallet to use on the site to buy posts and paid messages. To do this, simply message us once this feature is added, we will tell you where to send the funds and once we receive the funds we will add them to your wallet to use on the site.

SECOND ITEM OF GREAT NEWS: Not a fan of not getting notifications on NLDTCONNECT? Well now you can. To get push notifications here is what you need to do.

- First, you need to install the app. NLDTCONNECT is a PWA meaning its not an app you download from the playstore or itunes. They do not allow adult content apps. A PWA ( or Progressive Web App ) is just like an app but you install it from the site itself. You will get an icon on your phone just like any other app. To install the app, simply click the 3 dots at the top of your browser and find where it says, INSTALL APP and that's it. Your phone will install the app for you.

- Second, make sure you enable notifications. The app will ask you but if not, simply go to NOTIFICATIONS and make sure you toggle on the notifications you want to turn on. Then when someone sends you a message, an image etc you will get a notification just like snapchat, facebook etc. Never miss a message from a fan or creator. You can turn notifications on and off when ever you like.

The PUSH NOTIFICATIONS can be a great way to also keep in touch with friends etc as well. On NLADULT, you do not get notifications from the chat program for example. Join NLDTCONNECT and share your profile link to others to follow you. Your link will be www.nldtconnect.com/username then anytime you send each other messages, you will instantly get a notification on your phone.

For those asking how to enable push notifications on Iphones, see the diagram below in pics


These are great additions to the site. Enjoy :)


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