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So last week I posted about a blackmail scam happening to some. It's happening again. I am warning everyone to be cautious. It's involving new ladies that pop up on the site but its one person behind it. They get you to send an EMT to them and once you do, they get your real name from the EMT and then blackmail you for much more with threats of outing you now with proof being the EMT that you sent them.

This is unfortunate and I am putting a hold an any new accounts for women for a while because of this. It seems only scammers are joining now and I need to help cut down on this any way I can. If new service providers are joining, they can do the verification process which will help show they are real at least? I don't know what else to do so I need time to figure this out.

The scammers are making new accounts daily and starting the same scam all over each time as new people and the men are falling for it and will NOT stop sending Email transfers to them so its a cycle that will not go away.

If you discover a potential scammer on the site, pls message me so i can delete them asap.

Also, if you are being blackmailed like this, pls email me or contact me on the chat program so I can try to help you any way I can. This is disgusting and the person doing this needs to be stopped. Email me at nldtcmz@gmail.com

If anyone has contacted the new girl on the site MONICA in the last few days on the number 709-985-1722 and sent her an EMT? Beware you may be the next victim of blackmail.

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