Avoid on chat: 2222 (now 2323) & footboy  

User Profile: wendy Gender: Female Age: 36 Location: St. Johns I am a: Female Escort Date: 09-25-2022, 09:35 PM Positing ID:34826 Last Active: 29 Days ago  

Ok I think this is the same person on multiple accounts. Asks for foot worship. We arranged the detail & set a time. Both kept messaging & saying they will be there in a minute then BLOCKED!!
What a waste of time.

2323 70 Days ago
Lol you are the one who keeps giving guys the run around you asy a time to meet then you keeps coming up with excuses to meet just stop blaming others for your scams

NA 65 Days ago
Why don't you post the screenshots of the 3 times we tried to meet and you said something came up, including the last night I tried then I blocked you for being a time waster

ThickBeauty69 18 Days ago
He did this to me aswell but asked for foot worship and ass play. Set up the te to meet. Texted the whole day discussing what I would do to him. Wasted my time because he said he was at the bank getting cash and then otw. He never showed up.

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