7096800604 sensual tantric massage by the best tantra masseuse ever! 709-680--0604 I am leaving soon! Try me before!  

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709 680***0604 yes I am leaving in 2 weeks for good!


Wlhat is tantric massage ? Simply the most
sensual, slow and intense massage ever! In the nude and it is about body worship. It means an intense and delightful pleasure of all your senses. If you love being caressed this is for you. Ask me what s included?

And the other famous question: What is Tantra?

This is a belief, a religion, old of 7000 years. Like other East Indian religions tantra means reaching the universal consciensness. The individuals become one like the choir of voices singing mantras.
e massage is inspired by such a spiritual precept but is not a reflexion of it.
Some people think that tantra is witchcraft! Some other think tantra is sex!
Western tantra! Here we are!
Western civilization interprets tantra as the unification or the becoming one that can be reach with an intense joy by having spiritual sex.
Which makes sens!!! lol
Anyway there is a man in England who invented the tantric massage. It is a sensual massage surrounded by spirituality. The magic and the sex!!! Attractive isn"t it?

Try the best erotic massage of the world because you work hard and deserve the best!
I have 15 years of experience. My hands are magic.
You want to know what comes in the session? Text me at 709 **680***0604

For the real tantra lover I do a super 90 minutes and 2 hours of supreme and intense relief of all kind of stress. Simply magic!
I look forward to meet you.


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slade 10 Days ago
Still here?

masterseeker2 13 Days ago
You won’t be disappointed

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