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THE RED ROOM - In the heart of downtown with an established client base and reputation as a safe LEGAL trusted location to work. We have space available to rent to reliable, clean MEN or WOMEN who want to work safely in the industry. Details are as follows:

-$60/day shift which gives you access tot he space from 8am - 5pm
- $75/Night shift which gives you access to the space from 5pm - 3am

All rental payments MUST be paid in advance through email transfer, or by debit when you arrive. All supplies such as protection, clen towels and linens, massage oil, security cameras, discreet back entrance, debit machine to accept debit/credit payments from customers are provided.

Also great for people who do NOT work in the industry but want to work in the online camming world. We have a dedicated MEDIA ROOM set up with a omputer and webcam that is PERFECT for spending the day working online on all the available camming sites. When you dedicate to doing this type of work, you can easily make $30-$100/hour of being online IF you commit to it and work hard at it. When you are only spending $60 per shift with access for 9 full hours, that works out to be less then $7 per hour to work. Lets say you only made the min of $30 US / hour of being online, that would mean you could make $270 U.S / day of work!!! Minus the shift rental fee and you could make an AMAZING living working 4-5 hours a day! Most of these cam sites pay in U.S funds!!! Also, you can block out your location so its a very discreet way to make money and stay anonymous!

Space we have available this week are as follows:

- Mon - Sun DAY shifts!
- Wednesday, Thursday Night shifts

To book a shift please TEXT ONLY: 740-4970

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